Tejano Angels.

In the most of the sadness, the emotional day, I didn’t realize I had cut right in front of Chris Perez. It was Emilio’s funeral. Full of family, stars, friends, and fans. Trying to get in line with our family to hug our other loved ones, maybe it was the heat and sadness, I just tried to squeeze in before the fans began to get in. My mom looked at me like I had done something wrong, it wasn’t until I was able to take a deep breathe that I looked up and noticed I cut in front of him. How rude of me, I felt so terrible. I let him in front of me as he smiled realizing that I had realized what I had done. From one loss to another, he felt what we felt, only he lost his other half. #Kingemilio #queenselena #weloveyou #juntos



“Bigger than any tidal wave, more powerful than any fear.”